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Intra Uterine Insemination
The pursuit of fertility treatments has become extremely common with more and more couples worldwide facing challenges in conception. In India, as in many parts of the world, Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) are playing a pivotal role in addressing this concern. Among these technologies, Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) has gained significant popularity.

The IUI Process
The typical IUI cycle begins at the start of your menstrual period and concludes about two weeks after the procedure with a urine pregnancy test.

Consultation: In your initial consultation, our fertility specialists will review your medical history and discuss your family-building goals. Diagnostic tests will be conducted to assess the condition of your fallopian tubes and uterus, guiding the selection of the most suitable fertility treatment.
Medications: IUI is timed with ovulation. Fertility medications may be prescribed to stimulate ovulation. Blood tests and transvaginal ultrasounds are conducted to assess ovarian follicles and uterine lining. Regular monitoring through ultrasounds and blood tests will determine the optimal timing for the insemination. Ovulation is induced with an Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (hCG) trigger shot or LH level monitoring, followed by the IUI procedure.
Procedure: The sperm, either from your partner or a donor, will be meticulously prepared in our lab to ensure the highest quality. The IUI procedure itself is brief and painless, where a thin catheter which is loaded with the prepared semen sample is inserted into the uterus and the inseminated there. You are required to lie down for a 15-20 minutes after the procedure and the you can resume normal activities immediately after.
Post-Procedure: Approximately two weeks after the IUI, a pregnancy test will be conducted. If positive, our fertility team will closely monitor your pregnancy. In case of a negative result, your doctor will plan a new cycle or explore alternative treatments.

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